A few notes on the recent AGELESS VOID European Tour…


First of all a HUGE FUCKING THANK YOU to our supporting bands DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, DARKSHINE and ARUM. You are all great people;

we hope to meet one and all again in the future, and until then you are truly missed! No man shall be forgotten, so to Nuno our “chain e-cigarette smoking” Road Manager  – thanks for all, you had nothing (and we really mean NOTHING) to work with, but still you kept the wheels turning!

You all know what you individually brought with you to this tour, so without going into details – we salute you – Cheers, Saude, Santé, Na Zdrowie, Skål For Helvete!!!

Furthermore we’d like to extend our humblest thanks to Tomasz (from Conquer Records) and his wife for their hospitality and for making us feel right at home.

We really needed that portion of great food to survive the last stages of the tour!

Another SPECIAL thanks to Destroyer from the forum for making sure that the Slovenian gig got a real professional film treatment. Not many would do what you have done for us, and we are eternally grateful, brother!

And of course, last but not least – all of you crazy ones who attended our shows. Thanks to all who took pictures of us, if you can/want to please email them to us so we can put them up on the site.

Without you lot we’d be nowhere!


All good things must come to an end, even though things have not been all that good. This tour was represented and booked by IMA as most people probably know by now. Unfortunately, and without smearing it on too thick many important things surrounding the tour have been way below standard. This “conflict of interest” is an issue between the bands (mainly Aeternus) and IMA, but the end result is that Aeternus has ended all affiliations with IMA due to the simple fact that we do no longer believe IMA can offer us the level of service we require.

This decision is a purely professional one, based upon a business point of view.

Of course we have our opinions about the whole ordeal, but we are keeping them to ourselves, and advise others to do the same – case closed!


We still have some merchandise from the tour, and we are planning to print more (different designs) in the future. To make this readily available to the public, we have opted to make a part of this site an online shop. We’ll start working on this in the beginning of 2007, and post a bulletin as soon as we have things up and running, so keep your eyes open!!!

Dark Metal Cheers,


Added some pics from the gig at Arnhem Metal Meeting,check the gallery under the promopics.

Thanks to the guys from for providing the pics.


Ok people,Aeternus has started the tour,take pictures,film the gig,write down setlists etc,and let us know what you think post your pics leave comments etc.on the official forum.

Thanks in advance .


After MASSIVE setbacks in the booking process of this tour, we have had to shorten it down by 4 shows, the tour now ending in the UK on December 13th. It’s not really how we wanted it to be, but in the end it’s better than to cancel the whole tour, or even postponing it… Next tour will hopefully be easier to book in. There has been some venues cancelling in the last minute (why… do we smell???, hehe), 1 venue has been closed down by the police, 1 venue lost ownership… A nightmare on the bookingend of the tour, but WE WILL PREVAIL!!!! See ya all on the road soon enough!

Stay tuned for more (and hopefully final) updates…

S. Winter



Some minor changes in touring schedule,and third support act announced .


Gallery updated with pictures from the gig at Tribute club,all pics taken by Mia Regine,including the all new promoshots.


Good news regarding the upcoming tour,Aeternus will play the well known Arnhem Metal Meeting .

Check the AMM website or Goudvishal website for details.




amm banner



Ok People here it is.

Aeternus wants you ,the fans, to create the setlist for the upcomming tour.

What you must do is post a reply in the setlist topic on the Aeternus Forum with your 3 favourite Aeternus songs you would like them to play live.

The band will go through the entries and make a setlist out of the songs you voted for.

That’s it actually,please don’t post whole stories why you chose the songs,just the songs,this will make the choosing simpeler later on.

You can hit the forumlink in the top corner of the website or go directly to the setlist topic >> HERE <<

Thanks you,now go to it!!


Ok people,I had a chat with Jose from IMA,and he provided me with some info concerning the upcoming

Aeternus tour.

This is what has been confirmed so far.

When Where With       28.11.06 Tue

29.11.06 Wed

30.11.06 Thu

01.12.06 Fri

02.12.06 Sat

05.12.06 Tue

15.12.06 Fri

16.12.06 Sat

Hamburg @Markthalle,Ger

Berlin @ K17,Ger

Waltershausen @ KuFa,Ger

Bitterfeld @ Festung,Ger

Elterlein @ Hagalaz,Ger

Vienna @ Escape,Aut

Padova @ Country Club,It

Firenze @ tba,It

support acts:

Darkshine [Fr]

Arum [Bra]

More Acts TBA Soon


News and updates,you will find here first,so check back


Aeternus have played the HITS fest last week ,and some pics of the gig can now be found in the gallery section.


A three week European tour is in the making
and will most likely hit the road in November and December.

More news about this as it comes along,so keep checking back here.


Aeternus have joined the roster of Icon Music Agency,this bookings agency mention this on their website.

“AETERNUS is the new name to join IMA rooster! The Norse combo needs no presentation, with a great background of releases and tours… The new album “Hexaeon” released in March will be taking on the road late this year.”

Source:ima newspage


And another thing this website is best viewed with internet explorer at 768×1024,not with firefox,because then it will look messed up ,dunno why.


I added some individual member profiles,the basics are there but still underconstruction,you can find them on the Gallerypage.





A new webadress is at hand for The Official Aeternus Website.

As of somewhere early next week the new adress will be:

The redirectadress via the dot.TK adress will be kept on,for

at least 6 months,to make sure everybody is familiar with the new adress.




on behalf of Aeternus



Good news people ,Aeternus have confirmed to play the Hole In The Sky Fest in Bergen Norway,check Concerts for details.


Check the downloads/media section for Hexaeon reviews.


Greetings all!

I am happy to announce that we have found an available drummer!

I have been in contact with him and we have plans to practice together already as soon as possible.

His status in Aeternus has not been set, but we hope to have him as a permanent member of the band.

As for now, he’s more or less a session drummer or whatnot…

The future of Aeternus requires a drummer and I am pretty sure we have found the man for the job here.


His name is S. Winter and we hope to be more active in the future regarding live shows and so forth.

When we get things settled, we’ll surely work towards gigs and so forth.

Stay tuned!



Downloads updated ,added the song Punished from the forthcoming release Hexaeon.

Contact updated,added MySpace adresses for Aeternus.


Statement 07.02.2006

Greetings to you all!

Erik, the drummer of Aeternus decided to quit the band a while after the Production of “HeXaeon” was completed. He was with Aeternus from the same year as I started the band which was 1993.

His reasons were honest and understandable as we all respect his ways and opinions regarding his musical path and so forth.

Erik said he simply had no more to give the style of extreme metal-music, he felt he had done enough and his passion and fire towards this type of metal style were no longer with him to the extent where it would give him something as a musician and a drummer to proceed.

Erik meant a lot to Aeternus’ music and his drumming was always a part of what makes Aeternus what it is today.


I will personally always be glad and honored for the time he spent in Aeternus.

His skills and dedication were at 100% at all times. The way it should be.

He will be missed and remembered as one of the greatest musicians I have personally ever worked with.

I am glad to know that his drumming on ALL of Aeternus’ released material will always be there, reminding me of a tremendously great musical Era, but first and foremost an Era that has given me SO much inspiration as a composer of extreme music.

Growing as a musician with him over a period of 13 years was something very, very special that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

To Erik: We’ll miss you brother, as a highly skilled and dedicated drummer.

The future of Aeternus is a bit on stand-by due to his departure, but Aeternus will continue and we are looking for a replacement.

This leads to the fact that gigs and whatnot are not really “around the corner” anywhere to put it that way. Replacing Erik will take time and preparing a new drummer can take time as well. Be patient.

We WILL get the wheels rolling again regarding live shows.




Hi there a word from your webmaster,I added a nice feature ,on the left of the website.

A who’s online feature click the icon fill out your name and send it,this way we can all see how many people are visiting at one time,well that’s it actually.


Ok people ,I just uploaded the new cd cover for Hexaeon, check releases for details.


Forum has now moved and has been unlocked ,so it ready for your abuse.


As mentioned before the Aeternus Forum will be relocated,Things are in the final stages now ,however the forum is now open for the public.

I will give you the links to the new forum and the old forum below.

Please join us at this new location.

A thank you goes out to Caelis and Grusom from for offering to host the Official Aeternus Forum,thanks guys your work will be appreciated.

Now the links:



Good news we have a forum now check it out Here or visit it through the guestbook page.

I hope you will all join us at the forum and make your own contribution to make it a place worth visiting

regularly,thanks in advance and enjoy.


As of today a new webdesign wich is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024×768, hope you like it.

Now a word from Ares:

“Hello Folks of the Metalized world!

HeXaeon has been delayed again due to waiting-line regarding mastering.

It has just been mastered and we’re now looking into the mastering, checking it and so forth.

The release is therefore again set further ahead to February 2006.

It sux, but what can one do when a mastering studio is booked, it’s booked…

one has to simply wait it out and wait ur turn.

As far as live shows, we have nothing planned so far.

Ok, that was all for now!”